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1. Modern Fleet of Premium Equipment
2. Lots of Family Time - Spend Your Weekends at Home
3. One of the leading mileage rates in the industry
4. Extensive Healthcare Benefit Plan
5. Safety and Performance Bonuses
6. Excellent Driver Referral Program
7. Well Established Lanes of Service — Great Job Security
8. Paid Pickups, Drops and Waiting Time
9. A Diverse Team — Twice the Industry Average of Female Drivers
10. Respectful and Appreciative Work Environment

We’ve worked hard to cultivate a great (family-like) company culture with a modern fleet and best in class driving force. Our company was built on the premise that each and every customer deserves a carrier they can trust, a carrier that operates safely, delivers on time and communicates pro-actively.

For 3 decades, our driving force has represented us well and has been a critical component of our success. We operate a mix of company drivers and owner-operators and we pay both a competitive wage and offer a comprehensive benefits package. Forbes-Hewlett is an equal opportunity carrier and welcomes applications from any qualified drivers regardless of sex, race or religion.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our drivers. When you come on board with Forbes-Hewlett, you will be paired with one of our Forbes Trainers who will explain all of our procedures. They will shadow you for 4-6 weeks to assist you in any way they can and to ensure you are 100% comfortable and confident in all aspects of your job. Our veteran drivers have been using e-logs for years now and will help you get up to speed and correctly filing in no time.

We believe in rewarding you for your efforts. Whether that’s helping us grow our team of drivers or doing great work, Forbes-Hewlett appreciates our drivers… and we show it. We review your performance and if you are accident-free and consistently delivering your freight on-time, you will be compensated. We understand the value of having great drivers on our team and we do what we can to make sure you stick with us long-term! If you think you or someone you know is a good fit for Forbes-Hewlett, please call 1-800-387-5832.

Ready to take the next step? If you’re looking to make the jump from company driver to owner-operator, Forbes-Hewlett may be able to help! We are not a leasing company but we do like to help our drivers if we can. If you’re ready to own your own truck, call us! We will answer any questions you have about making the switch, provide you with access to the history of our trucks including all maintenance records and assist you in finding your best financing options.


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