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We specialize in the safe and secure shipment of your freight

When you ship freight between Canada and the USA, you deserve to work with a carrier who fully understands every aspect of crossing the border successfully. It starts with using a modern, well-maintained fleet, secure terminal facility, experienced driving personnel, customs expertise and certification in all the Homeland Security programs.

At Forbes-Hewlett, we take the extra measures necessary to ensure your freight arrives at its destination on schedule. Our load and go, direct shipment approach reduces unnecessary handling that can cause delays and damage to your shipments.

We have the required certifications and technology to manage your cross-border shipping requirements. Forbes-Hewlett is well acquainted with ACE and ACI e-manifest functionality; we are FAST, C-TPAT, CSA and PIP certified. Our drivers and staff are educated and experienced in shipping freight across the border. It makes up the bulk of our daily activity.

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